Welcome to Silap 2015

Silap 2015 is the 11th edition of a conference serie initiated in 1989 by J. Eberly and collaborators. This Super Intense Laser-Atom Physics Conference is dedicated to provide a friendly review of the most important and recent developments in the field. We expect that this conference will offer you numerous opportunities to discover recent achievements and trigger new ideas and collaborations.

We hope that you will also take this opportunity to discover bordeaux and its surroundings and that you will enjoy it.

On behalf of the organising comittee, we wish you a pleasant Silap conference.


Topics covered by the conference

- Intense Field Atomic and Molecular Ionization
- Short wavelength & Attosecond science
- High Energy Density Physics
- Ultra High Intensity Laser Systems
- Laser-Particle Interactions
- Relativistic Quantum Dynamics

Please note:

Abstract submission is now closed. We were pleased to receive lot of interesting submissions and there will certainly be two poster sessions instead of one. Selection is now taking place and the program will appear begining of july. Registration is possible by following the registration procedure.

Visa support: People whishing to get a support letter for Visa purpose should contact us at silap2015conference@gmail.com and indicate the title of their submission, their adress and nationality, their registration status, the dates of their venue and their place and date of birth.


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